History of the Community Centre

This particular spot that the new TRA stands on has a very long and interesting history attached to it. This spot was known locally as Townfield Square, situated in Townfield Road, it was a popular play area for the local children.

Parents of these children had the choice of two local schools for the children to go to. one being Clayton Road school where on of the teachers, know affectionally as 'Old Gaffer Clarke' was one of the teachers there, another school was Dr. Triplets which was in Church Walk by St.Mary's Church.Since those day's the school has been rebuilt and is now located in Hemen Lane, Hayes.

This story is made up from peoples memories but as they get older memories they tend to get carried away so, beg your forgiveness for any errors that may occur. So, to start this story, it seems that the Botwell Estate was built by the H.&.H.U.D.C. in 1919.(Hayes & Harlington Urban District Council). Long before it was changed to London Borough of Hillingdon which was about 1960.

The Estate took about 20 years to build from start to finish i.e. 1919 - 1939. As you look around the Estate today you will see that it was beautifully laid out and designed. i should imagine that the first time occupiers of the homes were extremely pleased and envied by those who were not guite fortunate. As you can see many of roads were very narrow with no footpaths. This was normal in those day's before we got so motoerised, they were just wide enough for a horse and cart to get through.

As far as we can find out the first building to stand more or less where the front door of the centre was a timber framed shed, painted green. This was used by H.&.H.U.D.C. as the local rent office. Rent at the time (1920) was anything from 30p to 60p in todays money, per week. People came every week to pay their rent. After the war a rent collector went round on his bike to collect the rent, this was stopped after e few years, by this time he was collecting quite a lot of money each week and it was thought to be too dangerous.